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Modification Services for Overseas Clients


As a member of the Freeport Port Authority, THI can provide modification services to materials and product and have them delivered back to the port duty free. Our experience in this arena and at the Port is extremely useful for customers seeking to add value to their products going overseas.


The Port of Freeport was established over 100 years ago and is only three miles from deep water. In 2009, this port was ranked 16th largest port in the U.S. in terms of foreign tonnage. Its central Texas location offers efficient transportation via highway, railroad, air or inter-coastal waterway, and its 400-foot-wide, 45-foot-deep channel ensures a fast, safe turnaround.



Hole Sizes: .125" to 12.5" 
up to 40"
Lengths: 6" some sizes
up to 309"


I.D.: .590" to 36" 
O.D.: up to 40"
Lengths: 6" some sizes
up to 720"


I.D.: 1.75" to 12.5"
O.D.: up to 40"
Lengths: 6" some sizes
up to 360"


I.D.: 2" to 40"
O.D.: up to 40"
 Lengths: up to 30’


I.D.: .125" to 40"
Lengths: any length


CNC, milling, CNC off-center drilling, finished products


O.D.: up to 16"

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