The way a company organizes its facilities can have a huge impact on efficiency and quality. At THI, our facilities maximize our ability to deliver superior quality in a timely, efficient manner.


Our company offers three distinct facilities:


THI Pearland offers more spindle capacity than anyone in the industry, providing honing, drilling, trepanning, boring, turning, straightening, skiving, saw cutting and polishing services. This facility has capabilities from as small as .590” holes and 6” in length to as large as 12.5” holes and 60’ in length.


THI North offers larger outer diameter and inside diameter capabilities than any regional service companies in the industry. The diversification of this facility allows us to process holes as small as 1” and 10’ in length to as large as 50” for turning, and 40” for boring and honing.


Standard Machine Works has a service record dating back to 1946 (THI purchased this facility in 2005). Specializing in gun drilling, CNC turning and milling, CNC off-center drilling, manual turning and milling and many other value-added services, this facility provides the finished machine product industry with an unprecedented history and quality of finished machined goods and services.


The combination of all three THI facilities allows us to provide our customers with one-stop service for all their machining services needs. From large orders to small parts, THI is dedicated to a consistent process which guarantees that orders will be inspected upon arrival and evaluated to save our customers time as well as money from the onset of the project.



Hole Sizes: .125" to 12.5" 
up to 40"
Lengths: 6" some sizes
up to 309"


I.D.: .590" to 36" 
O.D.: up to 40"
Lengths: 6" some sizes
up to 720"


I.D.: 1.75" to 12.5"
O.D.: up to 40"
Lengths: 6" some sizes
up to 360"


I.D.: 2" to 40"
O.D.: up to 40"
 Lengths: up to 30’


I.D.: .125" to 40"
Lengths: any length


CNC, milling, CNC off-center drilling, finished products


O.D.: up to 16"

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