Our Team


At THI, we’ve built a superior team to give our customers the strongest support possible. We offer you a single, dedicated point of contact with the experience to handle your every need. Our automated systems allow you to track your individual jobs online, including anticipated delivery dates for each.


THI has a complete staff of the most experienced and highly regarded team members in the industry. Our full-time engineers continue to allow us to provide the highest quality and timely value-added services. Our machine operators have an average tenure of 12 years, giving us an unprecedented consistency with our customers and the services provided.


Our state-of-the-art scheduling and job tracking programs ensure that each order is well coordinated and efficiently completed. The historical data from decades of production allows us to continue to improve on the services being provided to our customers in real-time. Thanks to our broad experience, depth of expertise and commitment to service, you can be confident that the team at THI will not only meet, but also exceed your expectations.



Hole Sizes: .125" to 12.5" 
up to 40"
Lengths: 6" some sizes
up to 309"


I.D.: .590" to 36" 
O.D.: up to 40"
Lengths: 6" some sizes
up to 720"


I.D.: 1.75" to 12.5"
O.D.: up to 40"
Lengths: 6" some sizes
up to 360"


I.D.: 2" to 40"
O.D.: up to 40"
 Lengths: up to 30’


I.D.: .125" to 40"
Lengths: any length


CNC, milling, CNC off-center drilling, finished products


O.D.: up to 16"

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